A Website For Every Medium.

Whether you paint, draw, take photos, or create 3D artwork from wood, stone or clay, our themes make it easy to display and sell your art.

Coming This June, 2019!

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Here's What Our Customers Say

"I'm delighted to report that I just made a sale through Foliotwist's Artwork Reveal email feature. I have a new collector, someone familiar with my work, but who had never purchased a piece before. Your Artwork Reveal post got her thinking, and although she didn't buy the piece that was featured, she did decide on one of my other doll paintings. Thanks for the energy you've put into creating Artwork Reveal!

JoAnne McFarland - Foliotwist artist since 2013

"This website is awesome, and super easy to use! VERY EXCITED! I plan to finish importing things today, and adding more pieces to my website as things come out of my kiln!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you guys are brilliant!"

Kim Bolanowski - Foliotwist artist since 2011

"Foliotwist is the only website I truly considered... I can customize my site, have multiple images for each artwork, add to my blog, and send a newsletter to my clients – all from one control panel. I have already recommended Foliotwist to a couple other artists :o) Thanks for doing such a great job!"

Catherine Jeltes - Foliotwist artist since 2009

"Hey Website Meisters - I know I have thanked you in the past, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you again. You both have done such a marvelous job on the steps for setting up and running these websites. I am in awe on what has been accomplished so far on my website with my limited know-how. I just sent out my weekly newsletter and I feel blest. Thank you both so much!"

Kathleen Huebener - Foliotwist artist since 2010

Your Personal Art Website Will Be Up-And Running in Seconds...

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